How to face challenges in life mindfully?

Challenges are a part of everyday life. Regardless of who or what you are, obstacles come your way in the journey of life. Some people get discouraged when they get challenges in life. If we observe them mindfully, we will find challenges are excellent opportunities to learn and grow in life.

The following article discusses how to face challenges in everyday life mindfully.

What are examples of challenges in life?

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The challenges we face in life are different. They can be personal or work-related. Some of the personal challenges we face are;

  • Illnesses:

As a human being, it is natural to catch illnesses from time to time. Some are mild diseases that cure within a short period of time. Some are chronic diseases that stay with us for a long period of time. Illnesses can be challenging depending on how serious it is and the way you face them. Therefore, you have to learn how to face a health condition without getting stressed or angry.

  • Departure of loved ones:

No matter how much we would like to stay with our loved ones forever, we have to depart from them one day. If we can pre-meditate on this situation, we can get ready to face the death of a loved one without going into a negative mental condition.

  • Family issues:

Family problems vary from disharmony between spouses, siblings, or in-laws. If not managed correctly, you will burn the bridge with your loved ones forever.

Some individuals go into a depressed mentality due to family problems. However, if you handle them wisely, you can find a better solution without spoiling your relationship.

  • Financial crisis:

You can be a financially strong person today. However, differing circumstances can affect your finance in the future. If you do not know how to face a financial crisis and weep over your loss, you will face a challenging situation.

 What are work related challenges?

  • Dealing with difficult co- workers:

Difficult people are everywhere and the workplace is not exempted. You have to be skillful in engaging with them because if you cannot maintain a healthy relationship with your co-workers, your working environment becomes unpleasant.

  • Excessive amount of work load:

Excessive workloads can be challenging if you do not prepare to manage it well.

  • Adapting to a new working environment:

If you find a new job or if your existing workplace shifts into major movements, it can be challenging for you. In such a situation, you need to discuss with your supervisor to get a doable task. It is very important not to get stressed out.

  • Language problems:

If you migrate to a new country to find a job, language can be a problem for you. You need to make an effort to master your language skills as a priority. Otherwise, it would be challenging for you to be on par with your colleagues.

The above list is not exhaustive.  They are some of the common problems we can face in life.

Why challenges are important in life?

Challenges are an important part of life. We gain experience from challenges and learn how to overcome them. Also, we value achievements gained through challenges much more than accomplishments we gained without any challenge.

At the end of the day, you will realize you have become more skillful, creative, and strong by facing challenges. Therefore, challenges are important for personal growth.

How do you face life challenges?

No one can expect a life without challenges. Whether you like them or not, challenges are bound to come up in life. Though the arrival of challenges is not in your control, how you manage them is within your control. Some take them as pain while others take them as gain.

Below are some of the tips to face life challenges successfully.

  • Understand there is a challenging situation
  • Accept the challenge and do not try to ignore them or hide from them
  • Do not get emotional toward the challenge
  • Practice being resilient by maintaining a positive attitude
  • Reach out for help from others
  • Follow a method to relax such as doing yoga or meditation
  • Discuss the situation with a trustworthy person to find a solution

 How do you approach challenges mindfully?

Mindfulness supports you in facing challenges with a calm mind. Most of us get emotional when there are difficulties. We try to run away from challenges or try to pass them on to others.

If you observe a challenge carefully, you will realize challenges are natural in life. They arise, stay for some time and pass away.

When we are anxious to get rid of challenges immediately, we will go into a stressful mentality. We live in the problem. Instead, observe them as an outsider. Take a moment to analyze the nature of the problem. Find the root cause of the issue.  Then think about how you are going to face it.

Once your mind is clear on the nature of the problem, its cause, and the solution, you can proceed to overcome the problem.

Sometimes, you need time to overcome a challenge. Strengthen your mind with mental exercises to build up resilience. You can practice meditation, taking a day at a time, enhance your focus, etc. to sharpen your mind.

The common expression “every dark cloud has a silver lining means even the worst problems can bring some positivity to our lives. If you try to find the silver lining in a challenge, you can face them with an eased mind.

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Rathsara (Sara) is an attorney-at-law who holds a Diploma in Buddhist Studies in ITBMU. She has engaged in community service in Sri Lanka and the United States helping many individuals. She is interested in reading, writing, and researching areas related to mindfulness. Inspired by spiritually developed individuals around the globe, Rathsara is keen to learn and practice mind-developing techniques. In the meantime, she would like to share her experience and knowledge for the well-being of others.

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